2014 Caves Velhas, Encostas Do Douro, Duoro Doc

This is my first wine review and I’m still working on format. I am thinking short is best.

Name of Wine: 2014 Caves Velhas, Encostas Do Douro, Duoro Doc

Description: This is a full bodied Portuguese red wine similar to a Malbec ( I will be posting about different wine types in the future).

Taste: Raspberry and citrus at the front, mineral at the back.

Pair With: This wine pairs with almost anything, I had a glass with broiled pork chops and steamed vegetables.

Where Did I Get It: When I decided that I wanted to blog about wine, I knew I’d have to join a wine club to keep a variety going. After thorough research, I chose Wine Awesomeness. I pay $45 per month and I get 3 nice bottles of wine. My first shipment came with chocolates to try. They have a 6 bottle membership for $72 as well.

Their website is very easy to maneuver. You can move your shipment date, deactivate and pause your membership. I remembered I am going on vacation soon and I knew I needed to move my ship date. I will report back on how it goes.

Anyone else a member of Wine Awesome? Do you love wine? Know any good wines for me to try? Leave me some feedback, I will reply back.


Thanks for your feedback

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