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Yellow Tail Riesling


Recall when I said this blog is for those of us who are “luxurious” on a budget? Well the following review is what I mean. The Yellow Tail brand originates from Australia, I discovered their selection, 6 years ago and with plenty to choose from, you’re almost assured to find something to your liking. Wine snobs that say you can’t get a nice bottle of wine for less than $20 aren’t looking hard enough, which means more for us right?

The first Yellowtail Wine I will officially review for you is the their budget friendly Riesling. You should be able to find a small (750ml) for less than $10.


Name of Wine: Yellow Tail Riesling

Description: This is a not sweet or bitter white wine. You will want to drink this cold as possible without freezing. The cold brings out the crispness which makes it light and refreshing

Taste: Citrus for the nose and beginning, green apple tartness and hint of cinnamon towards the end.

Pair With: Pairs very nice with spicy Asian dishes

ABV: 11.5%

Where Did I Get It: You should be able to find this wine at any supermarket, most liquor stores and CVS/Walgreens ( if they sell liquor).

Are you a fa of Yellow Tail wines? Which ones have you tried? If there is a wine Yellow Tail makes and you want me to review it, drop me a line.


Stay savvy and fabulous!

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