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I have been getting messages via Instagram asking my advice on wine subscriptions.  When I first began my wine journey, I started with Winc. The price and wine selections were good overall, but I felt like my choices were limited.

After cancelling my Winc. subscription, I opted to try Total Wines and wineries in my state. In between driving to Total Wines Orlando location and experiencing other wineries , I discovered Groupon. Everyone else likely knew Groupon provided discounts for wine long before I did. I’m over 40 so I’m still learning about the treasures of the internet.

If you’re like most wine lovers and bloggers, once upon a time we could plan wine selections and sip till our hearts were content. Well, as everyone around the world knows, we aren’t exactly living during normal times. COVID-19 has brought our wine bliss to a screeching halt and depending on where you live, freedom to go out and buy wine isn’t happening. While I love a good budget friendly wine and enjoy the wines my supermarket offers (while buying essentials), I miss looking through racks of wine.

So, what are wine lovers to do during these weird times we are experiencing?  I would suggest ordering your wine online and if you are new to ordering wine this way, start with Groupon. Groupon has good discounts to get you started. Below I will list Groupon’s information and the websites I have received wine from. If you have any questions you can email me at or message me on Instagram.

(Disclaimer: This blogs post and links are NOT sponsored. I am simply sharing my experience)


Groupon has great deals on a variety of wines.


Winc, in my opinion has good wines and reasonable prices but I felt limited in my choices. You may not share the same sentiment. Go ahead and give a click on the link above to see what they’re all about.

Splash Wines:

The issue I had with Splash Wines wasn’t the quality of wine, it was because you could only buy by the case, I don’t always want a case of wine due to not having a wine refrigerator. Click on the link for details in regards to costs etc.

Wine Insiders:

Like Splash Wines, the quality of Wine Insiders wines was good but my problem with them was similar to the problem I had with Splash Wines. Click on the link for details in regards to costs etc.

Martha Stewart Wines:

I love this company out of all the companies I’ve ordered wine from for two reasons. First, they have a nice selection of wines to choose from. Second, you can order single bottle of wines if you want, yes you will have to pay for shipping if it’s under 6 bottles but you have the option to order less. With other wine shipments I’ve found if you enjoy a particular bottle of wine in your shipment, you can’t order just one bottle of wine. It has to be a case. I don’t like restrictions. Be sure to check this company out.

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