(This post is the first of my Getting to Know Your Blogger Series. In this series, I will share some truths about my life. I believe the key to being a good writer, blogger or content creator is being true to self and having a level of authenticity that’s relatable.)

The Princess of Darkness Book 1
I remember when I decided to write and self-publish a short story. It had to be fantasy/fiction because this is what I enjoy reading and seeing films about. I read a lot about the occult and paranormal. Due to my intrigue with these subjects, I titled my book series “The Princess of Darkness”. The main character Brooke is not a vampire; she is a reincarnated witch whose karmic return as a human has been a painful affair.
Upon turning 18, Brooke, after a confrontation with her abusive mother, is visited by her aunt Analise who lives in a different realm from her but has been assigned with the task of mentoring, guiding and preparing for Brooke for her earthly rule as the “Princess of Darkness.” In Book 2, there are hints a possible war could be brewing between two Wiccan covens on Earth that could change lives forever. The third book while it hasn’t been released will focus on some aspects of this.
The thing I love about writing fiction is you can find inspiration in the weirdest of places and this is why I chose this as the first truth to share with you.
*While my debut book “The Princess of Darkness, Book 1” is indeed fantasy fiction, it was inspired by true life events. *
Of course, if I’m ever interviewed, I’ll share what parts are true and which came from my imagination. The beauty of creative arts is you can always use surroundings or life events as a canvas. How you use these sources is completely up to you. When you write fiction, there are no rules. You story can be whatever you want it to be.
Looking forward to sharing more “About Me” post with you 😊

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