(In this series, I will share some truths about my life. I believe the key to being a good writer, blogger or content creator is being true to self and having a level of authenticity that’s relatable.)
*I have extensive knowledge of crystals, incense and herbs. Folks will associate this with witchcraft and that’s fine with me. It’s what I enjoy. *

Back in 2014, mentally, I was all over the place. My energy was off and I couldn’t shake the dark cloud over my head. My life changed for the better when I discovered metaphysics.
I’ve never been one to study under someone instead I prefer to be self-taught. Learning about incense, crystals and herbs was exciting for me and I’m still learning to this day. This journey has been the most fulfilling and has done for me what Christianity, church and Big Pharma couldn’t do. It has helped me ground and center myself. Also has been good for self-discipline.

Now I know some of you may think, “oh my God, she’s a witch and worship the devil.” You couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t consider myself a witch and there is no such thing as “the devil”. I am actually a pretty spiritual person who believes in God and use the natural tools he has blessed us with as a source of healing mind, body and spirit. Something like an alchemist.
I have treated acid reflux, hyposomnia, eczema, depression, nightmares, migraines and dark nightmares with herbs, crystals, essential oils and incense. The results have been satisfactory. I feel it’s all about mindset and having an open mind when trying not so ordinary things. While some natural remedies take time and patience, some remedies (at least for me) work fairly quick.

As a long time sufferer of tension headaches and migraines, these natural remedies have been a God send. Now I won’t kid you, when it comes to treating my migraines, I have learned patience is key and I won’t get the instantaneous results I am looking for with just one application of lavender to my temples. I usually end up burning lavender incense as well. Another trick I learned is making an oil with several essential oils and applying it my temples and my shoulders. You have to approach holistic medicine with the idea it will work, if you just throw some oils and burn some incense without mentally setting your intention, you could be in for a tough ride. I’ll take the holistic approach to my minor ailments versus popping narcotics for headaches and over the counter pills. I am sure my body appreciates me not subjecting it to chemicals with side effects and possible addiction attached.

Another subject I’ve studied and still study extensively is Astrology. I love reading about it and applying it to my daily life. Believe it or not some psychiatrists use astrology to treat their more troubled patients. It has helped me understand myself in ways I didn’t know it could. Like most people, I used to dismiss astrology as “witchcraft”, then I opened my mind and embraced the knowledge that it offers. Now I understand why certain areas of my life need my attention and why a certain aspect of my natal chart has wreaked havoc on my life.

If you don’t know you have these quirks and mountains to climb, you can’t progress. The goal is not to be perfect but to learn how to coexist with self and become a better person. You know what else Astrology helps you embrace? Your life’s purpose as in the lessons you are here to learn and what field of work you were designed for.

While I’ve always enjoyed writing as a child, it wasn’t until a few years ago I understood why I was drawn to it so much. I had to check my 10th and 2nd house of my natal chart to get that confirmation. My 8th and 12th houses are even more interesting as it explains my attraction to the paranormal, things unseen and how I get in my own way. If you haven’t looked at your natal birth chart, I’d highly recommend you do, you may just learn some new things about yourself.

I also read birth charts so if you’d like a reading from yours truly, send me an email at diwrites@outlook.com or DM via Instagram.

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