What Are We Drinking: Terre Allegre Trebbiano Puglia I.G.T

Region: Tuscany, Italy

ABV: 11%

Cost: $11.99

Pair With: Seafood, curated meats and cheeses

Color/Appearance: pale gold

Dry/Sweet/Body: semi-dry, light in mouth feel

Balance/ Acidity/Finish: balanced in fruit flavors, medium-high acidity with a crisp finish

Aromas: lemon, basil, mineral

Taste/Description: Trebbiano is one of the top grapes in Italy. Cool Italian nights help preserve the acidity of the grape, which is also used to make brandy and balsamic vinegar. This wine was a nice sip greeting the palate with juicy soft peach notes followed by refreshing lemon, green apple and hint of basil. I would say this one of the better Trebbianos I’ve tried as it had a nice balance between the crisp acidity with a hint of sweetness.

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