Welcome to Part 2 of my post. If you haven’t read the first part of my update, you can read it here.

For those who have read the first post, lets jump right into Part Two shall we? Where was I? Oh yea, I was talking about candle making and my nerdy tendencies. Opening your business online isn’t an easy lift, but it is gratifying.

I enjoy making candles, it’s almost a stress reliever for me. As I type this blog entry, I have another line of candles ready to market with another one lined up for July. I plan and if you’re going to make candles for sale, staying two steps ahead of competitors is required. I have learned so much about wax, wicks, and scents.

It was after successfully making my first candle, and enjoying it, I added these to my aromatherapy shop. Some folks start their candle making journey with a kit, but not me. In true Sagittarius fashion, I had to pick one of the most expensive soy waxes to create candles with. I had 45 pounds of EcoSoya Advanced Wax, several bags of wicks and fragrances on my doorstep within a week of deciding this was what I wanted to do.

Some say I make it look easy; I assure people it’s not. I have clocked an absolutely insane number of hours watching prominent candle maker videos and it seems like I learn something every time I watch a new video.

You may wonder if I have sold any of my creations. I am pleased to report I have the best damn hype man there is pushing my products on the local front. Also known as my husband. He not only made sure folks bought my products, but I have repeat customers.

A week before Mother’s Day, I told him I wanted to sell out my current stock of candles to make room for a more disciplined line of products. He used to own his own business, so he’s a pretty solid salesperson.

No sooner than I printed the flyer for him to take, he was messaging orders and had a list of other orders he had written. I wasn’t sure if my shelves could clear, but I’ll be damned if we didn’t collectively sell every damn candle I made. Who knew a last-minute sale could do that? I certainly didn’t.

My reason for sharing this with you guys is twofold. First, I wanted to explain why I haven’t posted a personal blog post in a while. Second, I want to encourage anyone who wants to start their own business. The best way to do it is, well, to do it. If you can dedicate 40 hours to corporate America, you damn sure can dedicate some time to what brings you joy. If you would’ve told me this time last year, I’d have a business selling tangible products, I would have asked “is it crack that has you speaking this way?”

So, what does this mean for my writing aspirations? Well, it’s called multitasking. I have loved to write for as long as I can remember and still do. I have bought a planner for myself because I am getting to where multitasking is necessary.

Being in the middle of writing a paranormal novel means it’s time to get back to typing at least 500 words a day again. It’s been so long since I have done this but I haven’t forgotten how it’s done.

Guess I will stop here because once again, the post is past 500 words and I don’t want ya’ll to get bored with me. Look for me to check in far more than I have. I still want this blog to be a place where folks can read about wine and just vibe out to some of the content I love to write. A decompression zone if you will.

As always, thanks for reading

Until next time readers


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