My project of setting up a stream of passive income is winding down to the final stages. And when I say passive, I’m not kidding. My patience was packed before I booked the trip. 

I usually associate passive income with multi-level marketing, something I have no interest in learning. But did you know writers have YouTube channels? 

I decided it was high time to turn my own YouTube channel into a passive stream of income. Now before you leave this article thinking I’m about to blow smoke up your ass, let me explain. Unlike some creators, I engage with my audience in full transparency.

How this project came to be, by total accident, well that, and wanting to make something out of a failed plan.

I used to suffer from horrible insomnia. I’ve tried it all guys, melatonin, valerian root, CBD, THC, ambiance videos and sleep apps. Now there are things that work and ones that don’t. The videos work most of the time. Make of this what you will. Lol.

My channel has evolved from wine, cannabis (thanks for age restricting my content YouTube) content to an ambiance channel. The cost of entry is less than a $100 and thinking long range, I can turn this into passive income in about a year. Most people think of passive income as a get rich quick plan and it’s not. It’s literally a game of growth and patience.

My channel has never had more than 30 subscribers until now. I’m now up to 51. To get monetized on YouTube, you need 500 followers and 3000 watch hours, so you’re probably wondering what my plans are.

I’ll be doing the bare minimum after a few weeks. Why? Because the base of my catalog (videos) is complete. Any video I make moving forward will enhance my brand and keep me in the algorithm. I hate to have to keep with all of this at damned near 50 but here I go. Taking the big leap and creating videos for others to enjoy.

I am not a fan of short cuts, which means every subscriber I have is a real person. I’m not a fan of those “we can get you more followers” groups and every account I have shown this at length. I love organic growth because it forces me to pay attention to what my audience likes. 

And since you’ve come all this way, you may as well like and subscribe to the channel

You see what I did there? Of course, you did. Don’t forget the new herbal article format starts tomorrow.

Till we read again

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