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Without being cringy as hell, I’d like to ask you what your sleep routine looks like? Do you require white noise to sleep? If you do, you’re in good company, so do I.

When I was going through the worse insomnia of my life in 2021 (had nothing to do with the pandemic), I began using white noise to sleep. These sounds were from lakes, oceans, rivers, and rain. I don’t know the exact science of why but most, me included, fall asleep better when it’s raining outside.

Something about those rain drops and rumbling thunder puts us in a state of relaxation as we fall into a very much needed slumber.

Well after watching other creator’s ambience videos, I’ve decided to create my own. The process itself is more therapeutic than I could’ve imagined. It’s likely because I’m just an old nerdy girl who loves to create eye catching things.

I will be posting an article on insomnia next week, but I had to let my readers here know about my YouTube channel “Relaxing with Nature”

Below is a sample of what I’ve created in the last couple months. If you use white noise to sleep at night, I invite you to subscribe to my channel where I post videos weekly. YouTube is the only platform I’m creating videos on.

Cozy Ambiance Video

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