Greetings Wine Lovers

I am not sure if I posted about this, but decided a few weeks ago that I would take the Wine 101 class through Napa Valley Wine Academy.

While I blog about wine from an enthusiast standpoint, I feel that writing and learning are two of life’s never ending process. Some of the things I learned, was the full process of how wine is made, the grapes from which wine come from and the difference between New World and Old World wine along with a slew of other topics.

My reason for taking Wine 101 through Napa Valley was to better craft my reviews. I don’t plan to write an essay for every wine review, but I do want to share my opinion on the wine I drink and help those who are intimidated by wine shopping to be less afraid.

Looking forward to sharing new content with you guys.



Morning wine lovers.

As always, I like to keep my audience up to date on any changes or new things coming to the blog. People tend to ask about tips on wine, such as things they should know, pairings, wine notes, flavors, etc. So I have decided that I will add “DemeJo’s Wine Sips”. I am not sure if I will fill my blog page with these tips or just post it on Instagram (@demejoe). I don’t want to clog up my page with short daily blog posts like that, so I am thinking maybe a summary at the end of the week of what I shared on Instagram will be a better idea. I understand a lot of people don’t do social media. I am literally still trying to understand Snapchat.

I am also excited about my latest “experiment”. There are monthly snack subscriptions for a fairly economical price that deliver monthly. I decided I would do videos of me trying these out on camera and attempting to pair a decent priced wine with them. I think it will be a fun concept. I am not sure if I want to do the YouTube thing, but I am thinking it will be the best way for me to get those videos out there.

YouTube is a weird place, they are moderating a bit too heavy there in places that they shouldn’t be so I will keep you all posted on how that goes. Till next time


I have enjoyed my wine journey thus far. So much that I have decided that I need to start my education on wine. I will be attending a mini wine class at a winery this weekend. My hope is that I will learn something in the 2hr course that will help me in my writing journey. I didn’t know there were certifications in wine studies. You learn something new everyday.

There is something to be said about people who love what they do. They are normally the happiest of people. My hope is to join the ranks. Wish me luck readers 


Some Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Bubbly

You can enjoy your sparkling wine a bit colder than you enjoy other white wines. It’s suggested that the best temperature to serve you bubbly is 40º F

Like other types of wines, all sparkling wine isn’t created equal. Below you will find the suggested temps to enjoy a variety of bubbly.

Wishing you all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Cheers

White, sweet, sparkling wines: 46ºF

Red, sweet, sparkling wines: 50ºF -53ºF

Tannic, sparkling wines: >57ºF

Dry, sparkling wines: 46ºF-50º F

Got a special vintage?: 53ºF


Don’t Judge a Wine by Its Cap

After a stressful day at work, your friend invites you to enjoy a bottle of wine at her place. She comes out the kitchen with a bottle and two glasses. As she approaches the dining room, you cant help but notice something is off. *****record scratch*****. Is that a twist (screw on) cap on the bottle?

Now I know what you’re thinking. There appears to be wine sorcery afoot right? No, its not and seeing as your friend invited you over for wine, I’d suggest you drop that judgmental attitude and be a gracious guest.

Screw caps aren’t just for bargain wines anymore. When I am shopping for wines, I have noticed that there are plenty of white wines with screw caps (Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc for example). Some red wines have screw caps too but those wines are best consumed while young.

I tried a Chardonnay with a cork and the other with a screw cap and can tell you there isn’t much difference in the taste. Both wines tasted the same. I have a battery operated opener but I like the screw caps due to convenience and portability. Its easier to screw off a cap vs popping a cork. Don’t judge a person or the wine they are drinking by the cap, the wine is fine.



I am thinking back to when I first decided I wanted to turn a wine blogger. My aim was to write about the wines I have tried and sharing where to get it from. I joined two wine clubs with the thinking that it had to be kind of fancy but not too costly. Well, that’s one of the delights of being a writer. You select your initial plans, roll up your sleeves and get to work. As you gauge your audience you are always granted to modify how you execute your plans.

So that is just what I was doing. My objective isn’t to get the attention of the upper class per say because they have steady access to premium wines. There are heap of blogs that cater to high end taste. My blog is for those who want to enjoy wine but don’t possess that high end budget.

So after a few months of being a member of two wine clubs, I resolved to venture out into stores who only carry wine and spirits and that’s how I came across a store called Total Wines. It’s a pretty large store with a vast selection. I could review wines for a reasonably long time without worrying about duplicate reviews.

I believe in enjoying life to the fullest and if you can do it on a budget, that’s even better. I was spending close to $90.00 per month for 6 bottles with the wine clubs. I looked around Total Wines and realized I could probably get more bottles a month for the price I am paying in membership dues and be able to sample some of my products before buying them. I am looking forward to the change up in my routine. I believe you all will like it as well.

As always, if you have suggestions of wine you’d like for me to try or looking for a wine suggestion, feel free to get hold of me. I am always receptive to new ideas, collaborations and sharing my knowledge with others.


Conversation Piece

What is a conversation piece and why am I adding the category to this blog? Well, realizing as I named my blog “How About Wine and Conversation”, it seemed only natural to add some posts that will stimulate conversation amongst you. When friends and associates are enjoying their wine of choice, there’s a conversation going on. It could be anything from how much they actually hate their day job to world domination.

My plan is to keep my blog politic free (been there, done that) as I find it rather exhausting, so relax, have a glass of wine and enjoy some light hearted posts here. That’s my game plan.

Got some light hearted ideas for a future post? Email me at and I will see what I can do.