Poland Universal Yums Box ft. Island Grove’s Blueberry Moscato


As promised, my first #universalyums box. This is their Poland box. I paired it with #islandgrovewinery in Central Florida’s Blueberry Moscato. I hope you all enjoy. Cheers 🥂




Wine and Snacks ft Chateau St. Michelle Harvest Select

Good evening readers, I’m pairing snacks with wines. Hope you all enjoy

Cheers 🍷

Greetings Readers!

Just wanted to post an update on what’s happening with my blog. I have been planning my social media strategy and I hope that you all will be pleased with the news I have to share.

I am in the process of building my Google Plus page, under the name Deme Jo. I am new to the Google Plus game so I am still in the process of  learning how to maneuver it. I need a few days to understand how to post etc. I will also place my reviews there along with pictures from wineries and spirits stores I visit. Another thing I am working on is featuring other wine related pages here.

More news, I set up an email to contact me at, it is: wineconvos@gmail.com. If you have questions on a wine, have a wine you’d like me to review etc, feel free to email me at this address. My response time to emails is 48 hours. I’d love to hear from my readers.

Lastly I wanted my readers to know that  I am also on Instagram, ID is @demejoe.

Looking forward to connecting with you guys




Wine Review Update/ Feedback

It’s been a while since I did an update. As a writer, I am usually looking for ways to improve my craft. This blog will be no different. Soon, you will notice that I will be adding my opinion to wine reviews. It’s one thing to recommend wine but I also know that if you like a product, you will want to let people know about it. If you don’t, well you want to share that too. You may not have the same taste in wine as me. I may not like some of the wines you enjoy but what we can agree on is that reviews should have an opinion and open communication.

Not only will I add my opinion to my wine reviews but I will also share wine tips. I learned a lot by trial and error. If you are new to wine, you may find my tips useful. If you aren’t so new to wine you may want to leave some feedback. Feedback is always good and if I want to grow my blog, I have to be open to others opinions.

If there is a wine that you like and think I should try. Feel free to leave some feedback. With all the spam and bots out there, my security settings are set for a reason. As long as your feedback is honest, I will clear it to post, even I don’t like what you are asking.

Thank you in advance for following this blog 