About Me


Who am I? I am a writer who loves music, wine and good conversation. Personally, I think people take life so seriously that they forget to laugh. Well I laugh a lot and while I love writing and take it seriously, I tend to laugh at myself regularly. Feel free to laugh with me, I promise I won’t get mad.

I enjoy learning new things because surely as we live and breathe, there is an opportunity to see and learn something new. I hope it translates well in my writing. I decided that I wanted to blog a few years ago when I saw so much I wanted to write about. As a child I would write poems, songs and short stories.  When I first ventured into this blogging  journey I started with pop culture such as reality shows and entertainment news. I have written about politics as well.

As I have gotten older, I want to share my writing experiences, places I go, food that I have tried and wine that I like to drink.  I hear a lot about lifestyle blogging but I have not seen many written for the regular working folks among us. A lot of lifestyle blogs tend to cater to the wealthy or “wish I may, wish I might” types. With so much living to do and see, wishing is for rookies. I’d rather live and make memories today.

If you have questions about my writing, want me to write for your blog, have a writing opportunity  or want to drop some feedback about my blog, please feel free to email me Thanks for reading.


Thanks for your feedback

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