Thanksgiving is a few days away and I want to start this blog entry off with an apology. I truly meant to have this post out so you don’t have to shop in a hurry, but your humble writer has a history of tension and migraines and I have been out for the count since Wednesday of this past week. But I’m back now and wanted to give you all some good suggestions for your turkey day.

Before you panic about whether or not the wine is going to be out your price range, worry less. Y’all know I would let you know before you took the time to read this if the price is too much. Know that 95% of the time, when I look at wines to blog about, I will always remember my audience is mostly working middle to not so high class (I won’t dare use the word lower) and this blog is dedicated to you guys. I did this post because folks are asking me for a wine suggestion.

I’ve lessened the restriction on the comment section in hope that I get to interact with my audience and take questions if necessary. So after all this yapping, here is the list. Got questions? Feel free to ask me.


Gewurtzraminer: White Wine similar to Riesling
-Fetzer ($8)
-Chateau St. Michelle (I think I may have done a review on this one) ($11)

Sauvignon Blanc (White Wine)
-Oyster Bay ($10)
-Whitehaven ($14)

Riesling (White Wine)
-Chateau St Michelle Riesling Harvest (may have done a review) ($9)

Pinot Grigio (White Wine)
-Armani Pinot Grigio Venejie) ($10)
-Kris Point Grigio) ($10)

Pinot Noir (Read Wine)
-D’Autrefois Reserve Pinot Noir ($14)
-Rapiteau Pinot Noir ($10)

Keep in mind folks, I haven’t tried most of these wines, but I did do some reading on it, in regards to taste and notes. Now, if y’all think I should try some of these, leave a comment or email me and will happily review the wine of your choice.



Conversation Piece

What is a conversation piece and why am I adding the category to this blog? Well, realizing as I named my blog “How About Wine and Conversation”, it seemed only natural to add some posts that will stimulate conversation amongst you. When friends and associates are enjoying their wine of choice, there’s a conversation going on. It could be anything from how much they actually hate their day job to world domination.

My plan is to keep my blog politic free (been there, done that) as I find it rather exhausting, so relax, have a glass of wine and enjoy some light hearted posts here. That’s my game plan.

Got some light hearted ideas for a future post? Email me at and I will see what I can do.



Name of Wine: L’ Ostal Cazes Rose

Description: This rose is fresh and light on the palate, enjoy chilled to capture all the flavor this wine offers.

Smell: strawberry, raspberry, citrus with hints of floral

Taste: Light on the palate with tart berry and melon flavor

Pair With: I enjoyed a glass of this chilled with chicken breast and roasted potatoes.

ABV: 13%

Cost: $12.99

Opinion: I would have this wine again, at first I was hesitant about trying it because I am new to rosé and some of my experiences thus far has been kinda iffy, but I’m glad I gave this a chance. I think I just have to get used to different types of rosé.

Name of Wine: Paso De Record aka Record Family Wines Merlot 2010

Description: This is a full, deep bodied red wine from California. Sip cautiously as this wine is pretty strong.

Smell: Salt, Brine, red fruit, and once you let it open up (this means let the bottle sit opened for about 30-45 minutes), you will be able to smell the floral notes of this wine as well.

Taste: Bold, strong and earthy

Pair With: Lamb

ABV: 14.5%

Cost: $14.99

Opinion:  This wine is one of the stronger red wines I have sampled thus far. Due to the  strength and rich tannins, I would not have this wine unless I paired it with a meal.

Name of Wine: The Art of the Vintage California Red Blend 2014

Description: Made from California’s Zinfandel grapes, this red wine also features Old Vine Zinfandel and Merlot. This wine would make a great addition to a BBQ or picnic

Smell: Berries and Oak

Taste: Rich bold flavor with notes of cherry at initial taste and a spicy finish

Pair With: Hamburgers, garlic bratwurst and cheese. Perfect addition to outdoor meal.

ABV: 13%

Cost: $13.99

Opinion: This is a wine that you want at your cookout. It’s not too heavy on the tannins and it’s a smooth companion to your hamburger or bratwurst. For the adventurous : you can make a sangria with this wine if its too bitter for you.

Name of Wine: Everything Nice White Wine Blend 2013

Description: This is a sweet, but medium bodied white wine blend. Excellent alone or with a meal.

Smell: floral, tropical fruit

Taste: Mildly sweet with a slight mineral finish. Notes of citrus and guava

Pair With: I paired this with broiled turkey breast and garlic rice

ABV: 12.2%

Cost: $ 16.99

Opinion: I would have this wine again. The tropical taste can be addicting. You will want to chill this (not freeze) to get all the tropical notes. It makes a great companion to a meal or an after meal drink.

Name of Wine: Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling 2015

Description: This is a refreshing semi dry Riesling that can be drank alone or with a variety of meals

Smell: Crisp apple with mineral notes

Taste: light, crisp peach and apple with a smooth finish

Pair With: I paired this wine with shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo

ABV: 12.0%

Cost: $ 10.99

Opinion: I am a Riesling addict. There is something about the taste and smell that gets me every time. I enjoyed this wine with dinner but you can most certainly drink this alone. Always chill (not freeze) your Riesling before consuming.

Wine Review Update/ Feedback

It’s been a while since I did an update. As a writer, I am usually looking for ways to improve my craft. This blog will be no different. Soon, you will notice that I will be adding my opinion to wine reviews. It’s one thing to recommend wine but I also know that if you like a product, you will want to let people know about it. If you don’t, well you want to share that too. You may not have the same taste in wine as me. I may not like some of the wines you enjoy but what we can agree on is that reviews should have an opinion and open communication.

Not only will I add my opinion to my wine reviews but I will also share wine tips. I learned a lot by trial and error. If you are new to wine, you may find my tips useful. If you aren’t so new to wine you may want to leave some feedback. Feedback is always good and if I want to grow my blog, I have to be open to others opinions.

If there is a wine that you like and think I should try. Feel free to leave some feedback. With all the spam and bots out there, my security settings are set for a reason. As long as your feedback is honest, I will clear it to post, even I don’t like what you are asking.

Thank you in advance for following this blog 

Name of Wine: Banyan Monterey County Gewurtzraminer 2016

Description: This white wine has citrus and floral notes that some may find overwhelming, to alleviate that, serve chilled with crisp, fresh vegetables.

Smell: fresh lemon, passionfruit, green apples and floral notes

Taste: Light bodied taste with nectarine, peach, lemon and a hint of sage

Pair With: Fresh steamed vegetables and seafood

Where Did I Get It: Wine Awesomeness

ABV: 11.5%

Cost: $13.99

Opinion: I love German based wine, be it Riesling or Gewurtzraminer. I am fan of it all. I would have this wine again without hesitation. I am a bit of Riesling junky so to speak. 🙂

Name of Wine: Outer Sounds Sauvignon Blanc, 2016

Description: This refreshing white wine has a light tropical taste with a smooth finish. Best enjoyed chilled with a meal or you can drink alone. 

Smell: Guava, passionfruit 

Taste: Guava, gooseberry, passionfruit blend 

Pair With: Shrimp Linguine 

Where Did I Get It: Winc 

ABV: 12.7% 

Cost: $14.99