La Delizia Pinot Noir

Name of Wine: La Delizia Pinot Noir Description: Herbaceous but light bodied. I was surprised by how light this wine tasted. I wasn’t expecting it to be full bodied like a Cabernet but the light body could be… Read More

Versi Rosso

Name of Wine: Versi Rosso Description: This red wine would is perfect for sitting by a fire. With a blueberry and cherry taste towards the front and earthy tones at the back. Smell: Blueberry with floral undertones Taste:… Read More

Estampa Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Name of Wine: Estampa Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Description: This red wine is light but firm in tannins but also rich in flavor, the make up of this wine is 92% Cabernet and Pelit 8% Smell: Red fruit (think… Read More


Name of Wine: Upwell Description: This is a wine best enjoyed with a light meal or dessert Smell: rhubarb, watermelon rind and citrus Taste: semi dry, citrus with hints of white floral Pair With: I had a slice… Read More

Wines For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a few days away and I want to start this blog entry off with an apology. I truly meant to have this post out so you don’t have to shop in a hurry, but your humble… Read More

Pasa De Record aka Record Family Wines Merlot 2010

Name of Wine: Paso De Record aka Record Family Wines Merlot 2010 Description: This is a full, deep bodied red wine from California. Sip cautiously as this wine is pretty strong. Smell: Salt, Brine, red fruit, and once… Read More

The Art of the the Vintage Red Blend 2014

Name of Wine: The Art of the Vintage California Red Blend 2014 Description: Made from California’s Zinfandel grapes, this red wine also features Old Vine Zinfandel and Merlot. This wine would make a great addition to a BBQ… Read More

Cardeal 2014

Name of Wine: Cardeal 2014 Description: Delicious red wine that is semi heavy on initial smell but light on the taste buds. Smell: Berries and oak Taste: Blackberries and oak Pair With: I enjoyed a glass of this… Read More

Mantey’s 50/50

Name of Wine: Mantey Vineyards 50/50 Description: This wine is a sweet red blend of Mantey Vineyards American Concord & American Niagra wine. Smell: Concord grape Taste: Semi Sweet grape with a slight tang at the back. It… Read More

Yellowtail Sangria (Red)

Name of Wine: Yellowtail Sangria Description: This is a red wine Sangria that is best enjoyed chilled, you could make a wine slush by adding fruit. Smell: berries with hint of citrus Taste: Sweet citrus at the front… Read More