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Graef Chardonnay Blog Feature

Greetings Wine Lovers,

I was recently asked what was my favorite California-based wine and why I liked it. I submitted Graef Chardonnay 2013  because it was one of the first unoaked Chardonnay’s I tasted. You can read what I liked about it here.

Uncorked Ventures is a wine club that delivers wines from Oregon, California and Washington. They offer three levels of memberships and each shipment contain an in-depth newsletter about the wine you are drinking. The owner of the web site is passionate about his product so click that link and check it out.

While reading this post, I came across real reviews for wine coolers from another website. I have been looking for wine coolers in the event that I decide to remodel my kitchen, figured I’d share this tidbit as well.


As always, thanks for reading. Cheers!

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