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Island Grove Wine Company

Island Grove Wine Company is a premiere winery several locations in central Florida. Who knew the Sunshine State had wine makers that could compete with the likes of Michigan, Ohio, California and Washington state? Today, is going to be a two-for.


Name of Wine: Blueberry Moscato

Description: It’s rare that I find a Moscato that I like, as it seems most are far too sweet for taste buds. This one wasn’t and I was pleasantly surprised. This blush colored wine is made with Muscat grapes and blueberries. Its sweet but not sappy and has a nice slight acid finish.

Smell: Grapes and blueberries

Taste: Initial taste is blueberries with a crisp finish

Pair With: Fresh fruit or hard cheeses

ABV: 8%

Rating: 90/100

Cost: $12.50


Name of Wine: Green Apple Crisp

Description: If your are a regular reader of my blog then you know I love Riesling and Gewurtzraminer is a close second. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a sample of this. I ended up buying a bottle to enjoy at the winery and getting a bottle to take home. This sweet white wine is made with Gewurtztraminer grapes and green apples.

Smell: Fresh green apples

Taste: Sweet on the initial taste. Notes of crisp green apple with a slight acid finish

Pair With: Spicy dishes, light desert or alone

ABV: 11%

Rating: 95/100

Cost: $12.50


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