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Wine and Conversation

I think of when I decided to blog about wine and began to wonder what title do I want it to have. It didn’t take long for me to come up with the title “How About Some Wine and Conversation?” I came up with the name because while food goes great with wine, conversation requires engagement. Think about some of the more extended discussions you have had. It’s likely you had a glass of your favorite wine or spirit in your hand.

A glass of wine is an icebreaker. You may walk into a room of strangers, and by the time your glass is empty, you have made a couple of new acquaintances. That’s pretty much what I have always hoped with my blog.

I have done a lot of reviews, but I haven’t put much up for the conversation part. I plan to post a variety of content under the “Conversation” tab. I hope you all enjoy. As always, Cheers!

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