Name of Wine: Barefoot Wines White Zinfandel

Smell: pineapple, citrus

Taste: Strawberries, pears

Pair With: Chicken, seafood

ABV: 12.5%

Cost: $10 (1.5L bottle)

Description: About 20 years ago I tried a glass of White Zinfandel on whim and I was not impressed. Recently I decided to give it another try. I would try it again. When I want to try a new style of wine, Barefoot is my starting point because the price is easier on the wallet and their wines are full of flavor. I was not disappointed. This White Zinfandel is delicious. Sweet, crisp and full of fruit flavors, this wine did not disappoint. Another bad experience from the past turned good. I paired this with a simple seafood salad but it’s also great chilled alone. You will pay about $6 for your .750ml bottles.

My Rating: 94/100

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