What Are We Drinking: Yellow Tail Riesling

Pair With: Spicy American or Asian dishes

ABV: 11.5%

The Yellow Tail brand originates from Australia. It’s ran by John Casella. His vision was to make wine fun and easy to understand ( the purpose of my blog has a similar goal). I’ve been drinking their wines for about 6 years. They have something for everyone.

If anyone says that you can’t get an enjoyable bottle of wine for less than $20, they aren’t looking hard enough. There’s all kinds of good drinking for wine drinkers on a budget. No shame in it.

This wine features citrus (lemon, lime) on the nose. Tartness of green apple, cinnamon undertones with orange blossom notes on the tongue. Light in body.

Chilling this wine brings out the crisp citrus notes and fruit flavors. A simple, yet refreshing wine for every day drinking.

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