Wineing On a Budget

“Wineing”: the enjoyment of wine and all that it has to offer.

What is “wineing” on a budget? This series is for the new and everyday wine drinkers that are on a budget. There is no need to be fearful of wine and the wonderful world that surrounds it. Spirits are nice, but wine is better on the body after you get past 35.

In this series, I will present a wine grape variety and 3 different labels that I have tried, all under $10. Why did I choose under $10 as a price point? I truly believe that if you are going to try wine, you should start at the lower price points. What’s the point of buying a $20 plus bottle of wine, only to find that you don’t like it? Starting at a low price point will also allow you to develop your palate and preferences on without breaking the bank. Wine tastings and shopping should be a fun and interesting experiences with little to no frustration.

Not only will I present 3 wines but I will share my take on taste and notes etc. And since I prefer transparency, any wine I suggest to you I will sample myself before asking you to try it. Suggesting wine that I haven’t tried in hopes that you will buy it, is poor in taste. Whether I love the wine or not, I will be honest. If it’s good enough for me to suggest to you then its great for me to drink it.

I will start with white wines/blushes and move on to the reds. My hope is to post these videos twice a month via YouTube. If you have any questions at all about anything in the videos or have a question about wine period, always feel free to contact me via email or my Instagram page. I am hoping this series will make folks less intimidated by wine. This blog is a judgement free zone, “wineing” done right is supposed to be a fun so let’s have a glass.

Hope you all enjoy.

Cheers! 🥂🍷

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