While I love drinking wine out of the standard glasses, I usually reserve my glassware for the dinner table. When I am watching movies, writing or entertaining, I like my wine in a spill-proof cup with a lid. Spill-proof cups are a great way to enjoy your wine when you are outdoors entertaining or with friends on the beach. After researching and testing other spill-proof cups, I have found a cup that keeps my white wines cold and my red wines at room temperature.

Bruemate’s goal is to allow consumers to enjoy their beverage of choice their way, warm or cold with style. Not only do they make drinkware for wine drinkers, but they also have a selection for beer drinkers and for those that want to add some style to their spirits (vodka, bourbon, and cognac, etc.).

Click the image below to order a Bruemate cup or one of the gift sets for the wine/spirits lover in your family.

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