What Are We Drinking: California Roots Pinot Grigio

ABV: 13.5%

Pair With: They recommend grilled fish and salad. I am going to recommend you chill this almost to almost freezing and make cocktails with rum. Have it at a cookout, and all should be well.

Cost: $5

Description: California Roots is Target’s first wine collection, exclusively sold at their stores. I tried their Rose, and I was impressed at how good it was so I decided to give their Pinot Grigio a whirl. On the nose, you get strong tropical fruits. On the palate you get a green apple, think Jolly Rancher candy. Tropical fruit finish. It has a bubbly feel on the tongue which is interesting in of itself because this is the first Pinot Grigio I have tasted that was bubbly.

I pride myself in being honest with my reviews, and this is a “not likely to buy again unless certain circumstances arise.” I get what Target was trying to do, but this was a miss. As I am writing this, I put the bottle back in the freezer because it may be better that way. If you are a having a cookout with people who are new to wine, this wine will do. I will gander that you can make a wine cocktail with this. I am thinking of flavored rum. My first not so nice review. I kinda have sads ☹

My Rating: 76/100 (that hurt to type)

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