Everyone is talking about it. I am sure you; my lovely readers have heard of it. It’s the Keto diet and all the rage. I have a friend who loves to drink wine but she’s concerned about how will wine work with the keto diet overall, not to worry wine lovers, I have done some research.

One of the biggest foundations of the keto diet is low carbs which means a lot of you are going to have to forego your favorite sweet wines. Unfortunately, wine labels don’t advertise their carb information, but you can find carb content plastered on beer bottles. Some example of non keto friendly wines is Brut Champagne, Grenache, Moscato, Port and Zinfandel for example due to their high sugar content.  So, what wines can you complement your keto diet with? Try a dry Riesling, Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon.

What if wine isn’t your thing but spirits make you smile? Maybe you are like me and enjoy a solid wine cocktail but you need it to fit your Keto diet.A Or maybe you just like spirits plain or with a chaser. The good thing about spirits is that they have zero carbs so you can enjoy your keto dinner with a nice cocktail as long as you don’t use a sugary chaser like pop or fruit juices. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can be on diet and still enjoy your wine/spirits in moderation. Want to learn how to mix up some Keto friendly cocktails? Amazon has a book for you to check out here.

Enjoy wine lovers.


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