Today’s #ThankWineItsFriday features Capriccio Sangria and with an ABV of 13.9, it’s pretty potent. This is my first time trying it so let’s see if it’s a strong as many have said it is shall we? And while I am in the sharing mood below is my Sangria recipe.

I don’t use measuring cups when I make my drinks so measure according to your taste

Demejo’s Sangria

750ml bottle of Merlot ( I use Barefoot or Yellowtail)


Simple Syrup (store bought or homemade)

Frozen Berries (strawberry, raspberry or blackberries)

Splash of Cinnamon Whiskey

Place all these ingredients in a pitcher and stir. If you use frozen berries, it will prevent you from having to use ice (which waters down the wines flavor) or waiting for the Sangria to get cold.

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