Today was a typical Monday but I survived it. Last month, the car dealership informed me that my car’s battery is low and will need replacing. I kept that information at the front of my mind but when I mentioned it to my husband, he felt the dealership was just trying to make some money off me because they figure women will buy anything(for some reason I thought we were past the whole women can’t buy car thing.)

Fast forward to three weeks later. For the first time in 15 years, I went out to my 2016 fully loaded car and it didn’t start. My first thought was that maybe I left one of the lights in the car was left on by accident. So, I pressed the button again, radio is on, dash lights are working but it took a second for me to realize the air conditioning wasn’t working. Pressed the brake pedal, hit the start button again and it still struggle to turn over. That’s when I heard the car repairman’s voice in the back on my mind and realized that my damn battery is dying. Sigh.

I am grateful the husband bought us jump start kits for our cars. After attaching it to the battery, the car started and all was well but I was shook. It’s hot as fuck in Florida and I was in no mood to get stranded. I went straight to Burger King to get their Impossible Whopper and prayed my car would start because I went inside vs the drive thru.

She (my car) wanted to give me attitude but I’m literally in the car screaming “Oh come the fuck on already!” and she started. The 10-minute ride home seemed longer than usual because the folks in Florida can’t drive when it’s dry, wet, windy or a calm breeze and the last thing I wanted was to get stranded. I gave a sigh of relief when I got home as my husband told me not to worry. Good thing my intuition was in high gear this lovely Monday.

I wake up this morning and while preparing to work the day job something told me to look on the internet to research if anyone else has had a problem with their car with less than 30K miles. Of course, I was able to find it. Now I’m agitated. Something told me that my car wasn’t going to start today and I should go buy a battery so that’s the news I greeted my husband who was on his way to work. He kept persisting it wasn’t the battery.

I said “Okay, let’s see if she starts then” and sure enough, press the brake pedal and hit the start button all I heard was click, click, click. I proceeded to raise the hood on the car and get the jump start kit attached. I felt vindicated and pissed at the same time, guess I should have listened to the car repair guy and just bought a battery huh?

It’s funny how things like usually happen on a Monday or at time when it’s most convenient. I survived it and made sure I held true to my vow to write a blog post of 200 words or more. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

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