What Are We Drinking: El Vigia Sauvignon Blanc 2018

ABV: 13%

Cost: $14.99

Pair With: Seafood; sweet crab meat or lobster.

Color/Appearance: medium yellow in appearance

Dry/Sweet/Body: dry; light bodied

Balance/ Acidity/Finish: I wouldn’t consider this wine to be balanced. It’s medium in acidity with a light finish but it is quite sour.

Aromas: citrus, pineapple, flower

Taste: very heavy on the citrus notes

Opinion: This wasn’t one of my favorites from @wineinsiders. If you enjoy heavy citrus wines, this is your wine. I felt like it was missing something. I could smell pineapples but I couldn’t taste tropical notes at all. Of all the wines I got from Wine Insiders, I enjoyed this one the least. I am not a fan of wines heavy in citrus.

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