The Princess of Darkness Book 2

Greetings Wine Lovers and Readers,

My book “The Princess of Darkness Book 2” is now available on Amazon. The sequel took longer to write because of the constant edits I kept doing. Something I have learned about editing is one must be careful to not let your editing software write the book for you (face palm). I stopped myself after the second round of edits. Here is the description of the book for your reading pleasure.

“Still reeling from the institutionalization of her mother and confrontation with the neighbor who sexually abused her for years, Brooke’s luck appears to have changed for the better in the form of a winning lottery ticket. After collecting her winnings, her crush Michael confesses his authentic feelings for her.

While things may appear to be going her way, Brooke knows there are still “a couple of messes to clean”. The creepy neighbor’s son has reported him missing, and she knows the authorities will have questions for her. They will confirm those suspicions after her and Michael return to the scene of the crime, making sure there is nothing tying her to the neighbor’s “disappearance”.

Following a narrow escape and a visit from the cops, Brooke decides it’s time to leave town, even if it means her stepfather will be in the line of fire. Come along with her as she moves and stumbles into the Coven of Darkness and comes face to face with a familiar and not so familiar faces.”

Of course, there will be a Part 3 but that likely won’t happen until 2021. Currently I am outlining a fiction novella which will follow a family as they move into a haunted mansion. Looking forward to this writing adventure.

I hope you all enjoy my latest release. 

Thank you readers 😊

Dawn (demejoe)