While you are making goals for 2020, it is my hope your goals include getting to know you better. Read that again. 

Every year, we promise to treat ourselves better, eat healthy and lose weight. By March, we will forget those goals while slipping back into familiar routines and bad habits. If you are tired of the “hamster in the wheel” routine and slipping back into old habits, may I suggest studying and using Astrology to figure out why the old habits are hard to break?

Hear me out first.

At the end of 2018, I had a to do list for 2019 (I gave up New Year’s Resolutions long ago). I was going to write more content for my blog, self-publish a book and figure out where I fit in this world on a spiritual level. Pretty lofty goals for someone who works a full-time job, takes care of a disabled adult son while putting the other through college but I promised myself 2019 would be the year of ME. Even though my goals were time consuming, it was one of the best journeys I’ve ever embarked on. How did I accomplish these goals? By using astrology.

A lot of people I know see astrology as a source of witchcraft and evil because they are self-professed Christians. Since I know how these people act offline and in real life, I won’t go into their levels of hypocrisy or let them dictate what is good or bad for me. To be honest, astrology is one subject I wished someone well versed me on 20 years ago. While we can all life is about making mistakes and growth, some of my life mistakes were costly and could have been avoided.

Astrology is far more than the “baby what’s your sign” line, way more. The planets, houses and placements can tell you a lot about yourself. The horoscope section of local newspapers is an insult to your intelligence. The popular sun sign generalizations are a mere fraction of the makings of you.

Getting my birth chart read by an astrologist was a solid investment ( it was an expensive venture). I couldn’t wait to learn more chart but there was no way I could pay hundreds of dollars for coaching so I took the cheaper and more extensive route. I put my Kindle Unlimited membership to good use and began reading.

I spend a lot of time reading, in a day I have read articles and book sections of not less than 5 subjects. This habit is contagious as I see it in my youngest son and while my maternal instinct says he takes after his mother, looking at his birth chart tells me different. He was born with these instincts.

For years I thought my obsession with writing, paranormal, occult subjects and a slew of other things meant that I was well, strange. The more I study my birth chart, the more I realize it’s not weird at all. I was born with these characteristics, I also learned that there are parts of my life that have to be addressed in order for me to become one with my true self. 

With all the chaos happening in the world today what we need now more than ever is hope and since sharing is caring, I will share the lessons learned on my blog. If I can help one person embrace their authentic self and recognize their greater good, my heart will smile. 

Astrology and reading a birth chart isn’t about reading the future or getting the winning lottery numbers. The birth chart is a blueprint of your psychological make up along with your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re wondering why you fall back into bad habits shortly after vowing not to, your birth chart holds the key. Old habits are learned conditions but can shaped into better habits when you learn the source of your bad habits. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

An even more beautiful thing is not paying thousands of dollars for this journey. There are some good astrologists out there but you must be careful, you may not understand your birth chart at first glance but a seasoned astrologer can and some have been known to market off your “challenges.” My intent with posting astrology content is to save you from those type of people. I can life coach for far less.

I know once I post these pieces of content, some will have questions, not a problem, email me at diwrites@outlook.com and if I don’t have the answers, I will direct you to where you can get them. I’d love to hear from you.

Till next time readers.

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