Astrology gets a bad rap in certain communities because the intent of it is misunderstood, when used correctly, astrology will help you get to know self on a deeper level. A lot of people think astrologists can predict your future, that’s because they are confusing them with psychic mediums. While psychic mediums may use planetary aspects for guidance, these forms of mysticism are not the same.

You know what else doesn’t help the astrology community? The know it all astrologists who swear they can see the future while posting their “predictions”. When those predictions don’t come to past, do they apologize? No, they just keep feeding off the emotions of the blind sheep who aren’t paying close enough attention. These same astrologers charge you insane amounts of money for useless newsletters and webinars.

Don’t get me wrong, they are some good astrologists out there but don’t be deceived, some will nickel and dime you with upsells to keep their bottom line in the black. Remember they can read your chart and see a soft target a mile away. Since you are the architect of your future, you’re better off getting a generalization of your birth chart and doing the research yourself. If you are on a budget, I would not spend more than $75 for a birth chart reading. If you got money to spend, I would spend no more than $150. In other words, don’t spend your saving account on something when you can get it done for far less.

Understand the birth chart is a blue print of your existence and YOU are the architect of how it plays out. Be wary of ANY astrologist who says they know what your future holds with 100% accuracy. I speak from experience; they are lying their ass off.

Astrology is an ever-evolving subject so the learning will never stop. This purpose of this post is to share the basics.  

Here is where you can get your birth chart. In regards to your birth time (because it does matter), get as close as you can.

Keywords for the planets:

Sun: core
Jupiter: expansion, education, religious teachings, long distance travel
Moon: mother, emotions, feminine
Mars: drive, ambition, breakthroughs
Mercury: communication, short travel, community
Neptune: philosophy, abstract thinking
Pluto: power, death, rebirth
Saturn: discipline, karma, persistence
Uranus: innovation, rebellious, change, freedom
Venus: beauty, harmony, material security, creative arts


1st House (Natural house of Aries, ruled by Mars): self, appearance, self-expression, upbringing, approach to life.
2nd House ( Natural house of Taurus, ruled Venus): Money, business, self-esteem, values, material things, security
3rd House (Natural house of Gemini, ruled by Mercury): Communication, siblings, neighbors, short travel, mental processes
4th House (Natural house of Cancer, ruled by the Moon) : foundation, home, family, roots, mother, physical strength
5th House (Natural house of Leo, ruled by the Sun) : creativity , children, risk taking, gambling,
6th House (Natural house of Virgo, ruled by Mercury): health, routine, service to others, pets
7th House (Natural house of Libra, ruled by Venus): marriage partner. business partnerships, contracts, enemies
8th House (Natural house of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto): sex, death, rebirth, joint finances, personal transformation, taxes, inheritances, occult, psychological complexes
9th House (Natural house of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter): Higher mind, ancient religion, higher education, beliefs, your conscience, travel
10th House (Natural house of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn): career, ambition, reputation, father
11th House (Natural house of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus and Saturn): community, general hopes and fears
12th House (Natural house of Pisces, ruled by Neptune and Jupiter): house of undoing, unconscious, dreams, weaknesses, addictions, hidden affairs, seclusion

Of course after reading all of this, some will have questions, feel free to email me at and if I don’t have the answers, I will direct you to where you can get them. I’d love to hear from you.

Till next time readers.

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