(Note: Astrologically speaking, I know why my dreams are so life like and yes, this dream described below was actually had by me.)

I had a dream my youngest son had some friends over at the ungodly hour of 2:00 a.m. I asked him if he’d lost his damn mind and to put his friends out the house with haste. Of course, he complied and said he was sorry for disturbing me. From there my dream shifts gears.

The setting happens in a house that almost resembles my own but the living room is larger. In this part of my dream, I am closing the three sets of glass doors. Despite the glass being rock solid, I can still feel and see the ripples in them, as if the wind is blowing. I go to close the last set of glass patio doors and notice my front door is wide open. I freeze in my tracks as the feeling of dread come over me. I am not alone, someone or something has either broken into my house or about to make an appearance at my door.

I look at the doorway, there is a wind outside but it’s dark outside. There’s a little lighting courtesy of my neighbor’s lantern lights on their porches.

The feeling of dread is overwhelming. Like I can sense and feel this heavy feeling as though I am awake. I don’t like having dreams like these where I am in an abandoned house or building because I know there is a dark entity of some kind waiting for me. I usually wake up from these dreams in a cold sweat. Not this time.

Before anything appears in the doorway, I hear someone say to me, “Bitch, wake up, you’re dreaming.” I sit on my couch eyes never leaving the door and shake my head wildly.  I feel myself thrashing around my bed attempting to wake up from this nightmare but I am not quite there.

Evidently my conscious knew it too because I hear myself saying, “You’re still sleep sis, wake up!” and I did. Who was the voice that coached me to wake up? Mine. Yes, I know it sounds strange.

I look down to see my dog lying next to my bed and he appears to whimpering. When I sat up to check on him, he looked at me and went back to sleep.

Guess we both had a nightmare. I’m almost sure this dream has meaning and I will likely find out sooner than later.

Have you ever had dreams feel so real, you think you’re awake? Not your feel-good dreams, I’m asking about your nightmares. I’ve had these regularly, to the point I made a conscious effort to wake myself up from them because I hate how they make me feel.

Hit me up in the comments if you can relate.

Until next time readers.

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