When I decided I wanted to blog, I had no idea what I wanted to blog about. I knew I wanted to be a writer. That was it. I used to write opinion- based pieces on politics. It was a great run, it got me into some political circles and it put me in the position for a political career. So why did I give it all up you ask?
The problem with politics is as the time has passed, the arena has grown toxic. No one can agree to disagree anymore and it became draining. Do I keep up with the news? Of course, I just refuse to write about it or allow it to contaminate this lovely space I’ve created.
In 2016, to coordinate with my relocation, I decided to revamp my blog. I settled on wine because it’s something I enjoy drinking it and studying isn’t too bad either. The more wine reviews I wrote, the more I knew I was taking this blog in the right direction. It’s refreshing to write wine reviews and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to get my WSET Level 1 certificate. If I could afford to continue my wine studies I would, but I’ll be honest, it cost too damn much.
Last year I decided I wanted to share my love of writing and my projects with my readers so I changed the title of my blog site. It’s safe to say I am breaking the so-called golden rule of blogging which is supposedly find one niche and make a fortune off of it. If you’ve been reading my work and keep up with me on Instagram you likely know I don’t give a damn. The beauty of blogging is the fluidity of the writing craft in of itself. You can be personal and grow with your readers. I pride myself in being authentic with my content and I also tip my hat to niche bloggers. Blogging is writing and it’s not an easy task.
Could I have just kept my blog about wine and left my writing adventures offline? Of course, but where is the fun in that? I want this blog space to be where if you like wine, you can read my reviews and if you enjoy writing, you can enjoy the writing pieces I post. The “Extras” tab is where I keep all my non-wine related content.
I am a self-published author studying astrology. The wealth of information I learn should be shared with those who want to receive it; which is why I broke the “one niche per blog site” rule. While it has worked for a lot of people, I’m not someone who can subscribe to it. It’s just not for me. My authenticity may be leaving money on the table but I am determined to do this my way. Rebellion against the norm is a skill I was born with. Only time will tell where this line of thinking will take me.
As always, till next time readers 😊

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