Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before it seems more and more people are getting studying and researching astrology. Yes, this is a good thing but I’m wondering if people are paying attention to the difference between their Sun sign and their Rising sign. There is a difference between the two.

Your Sun Sign is a reflection of your personality, creative expression, ego and what drives you. But your Rising Sign is different as it can be identical to your Sun Sign or a different sign all together.

Also called your “Ascendant” on your birth chart, your Rising Sign represents your soul and your life’s purpose. Now I will be honest, we all want to know what our purpose on this Earth is but we may not always like the answer. For some of us, our dreams won’t match the soul’s purpose/ life assignment. I personally advise you not to let this deter you from pursuing your dreams, just know you could have some challenges along the way.

In closing, I am challenging you, my dear readers to head over to this site and calculate what your Rising Sign is. If you’re anything like me (Sun and Rising Sign are different), it will resonate with you a bit more than your Sun Sign reading does.

Until next time readers 😊

Note: For those of you who watch your horoscope on YouTube or other social media, it may be good idea to watch your Rising Sign forecast vs your Sun Sign or you could just watch both. I don’t view horoscopes anymore because they are general readings and I need something a little more personal.

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