What Are We Drinking: Third Wheel Sweet Wine

ABV: 12%
Cost: $9.99

Pair With: I paired this with fried chicken and spicy pickles

Description: Here is an instance where being the “third wheel” isn’t so bad.

Pale gold in color, this white wine features aromas of pear and apple. On the palate you get flavor notes of apple, pear and peaches. Light to medium in body. You get a slight coating of the tongue on first sip with an slight acid finish. Pleasantly sweet. Balanced in flavor. I would recommend serving this at your cook out or with a meal featuring some spice like Thai or Korean fried chicken.
Pro tip: When eating spicy foods, always reach for a sweet wine to pair with the spice. Anything else just ruins the experience, at least that has been the end result for me anyway🙂

Rating: 91/100

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