What Are We Drinking: Cupcake Vineyards Angel Food Cake 2016

ABV: 13%

Cost: $10.99

Pair With: Grilled cheese, fried chicken

Description: Medium yellow in color, this white wine has aromas of citrus and green apple. On the palate, it’s light to medium in body with a creamy mouthfeel and a medium to long finish. Fruit notes of green apple, vanilla with a hint of citrus. I will be honest, this wine drinks like a Chardonnay with its semi medium feel on the tongue and buttery taste. I’m not sure if that was the intent because Cupcake Vineyards has a Chardonnay. I haven’t had Angel food cake in years but I do know it’s a rich dessert with a buttery taste. In that regard, this wine lived up to its name. I had it chilled alone but I would recommend one try it with a grilled cheese sandwich or fresh fruit.

Rating: 90/100

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