(In this series, I will share some truths about my life. I believe the key to being a good writer, blogger or content creator is being true to self and having a level of authenticity that’s relatable.)

So here we are at Part 2 and since I covered my book The Princess of Darkness Book 1 in a previous post, I figured I may as well keep the creepy vibe going. LOL

*I’ve seen the deaths of people I love before they died and it’s most humbling.*

What I am about to type isn’t meant to scare anyone. I do not proclaim to be a psychic or sensitive. I have been told those who are in this line of work I am in denial and should accept the fact my intuition should be paid attention to. My natal birth chart speaks of these abilities at length.

Remember when I talked about my book and how some of it is true? Here’s an example, I remember a few weeks before we moved from Chicago to the country, I had dreams of frogs. They were all over my bedroom. A few weeks later, we were packed up and moving to the country. Back then I was 8 years old and had no idea what intuition was, I did notice cases of déjà vu and would ask those around me for clarification, only to be ignored and told I was an idiot. Sigh.

One of the dreams I’ve had (back in 2003) is about how the world ends. The sky looked like a jigsaw puzzle and the seas rose. (Seas rose, skies fell) and I drowned. Not sure why I was in a foreign country but I remember this dream scared me the most. The dream concluded with seeing my ex-husband asleep in his bed as a nuclear bomb went off. I would tell you what happened when I woke up but I’ll sum it up to say, it felt very, very real.

I’ve also seen the death of loved ones close and not so close to me.

Seven years ago, I had a dream about my second cousin. I wasn’t close to her but for some reason she came to me in a dream. We were in what I feel likely was the room she died in. I could see her plain as day but there was something quite different about her appearance. I could see through her. She’s looking at me and I’m looking at her confused. I ask her if she’s okay. She asks “Am I dead?”. I replied “I don’t know, are you?”

A couple days later, I got a call from my mother informing me my cousin had died. I told my mother about the dream I had to which, she laughed at me and wrote it off as a coincidence. I didn’t buy that at all. I see myself as more of an intuitive person who can deliver messages to people I care about instead of a psychic, which I consider a loaded word that’s used far too loosely these days.

The premonitions of death didn’t stop with my cousin. I’ve seen others death before they died and I used this skill to prepare myself for the worse.

I knew my gift was real a couple years ago when I attended an aunt’s funeral, whom I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years. The following day, I called my step father and asked him about her. He found it odd that I would ask about her, he informed me she had colon cancer and was hoping to beat it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him she wasn’t going to make it because I don’t feel it’s my place to deliver this kind of news to people. She died 6 months later.

Why am I sharing this with you all? For the sake of transparency. I know I’m by no means unique, these kinds of visions happen to lots of people. If you take nothing from this post, know this, intuition is real and is worth paying attention to.

While I’m talking about the books I’ve written, for those who haven’t read my work the links are below.

The Princess of Darkness Book 1

The Princess of Darkness Book 2

Thank you in advance for your support 😊 Until next time readers.

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