(In this series, I will share some truths about my life. I believe the key to being a good writer, blogger or content creator is being true to self and having a level of authenticity that’s relatable.)

*I started my wine blog as a hobby with zero intent on becoming a sommelier. *

I’ve had people ask me what was I going to do with my WSET Level 1 Certification, so here’s a little explanation.
In 2016, we moved to Florida because we wanted a change in scenery and affordable college tuition for our son. Prior to moving, this blog space was filled with a variety of writing content. I talked about pop culture, current events and the dreaded subject of politics.
I decided with a new state residence, should come sweeping changes with my blog, so I deleted about 3 years of posts with the intent to embrace a more relaxed approach to blogging. I’d been drinking wine for awhile and was always curious about the different wine grapes, food pairings and how it was made.
When I was blogging before, it wasn’t for money, it was more about me sharing my inner thoughts with the world and meeting like-minded people on the internet. I didn’t take the time to worry about keywords and exposure because I figured if people wanted to know my work, they could find me here, back then I had a Facebook page.
When I started to blog about wine, I didn’t give much attention to keywords and such until 6 months in. While this approach gave me some traction, I could’ve done much better in growing my audience. Could I have done things the “proper” way like the books and classes on blogging teach? Sure, I could’ve but I’m stubborn, I learn things by trial and error. When I realized how many people were interested in my wine posts, I began taking my wine blog seriously by treating it more like a writing project versus just a relaxing hobby. After all, I am a writer.
I bought a book about blogging and took some courses on Udemy. It wasn’t long before I purchased a blogging packet which gives you all kinds of classes, lectures and tips on blogging. While I may not have the blogging world mastered, I am learning new things as I go along.
After blogging about wine for a couple years, I got the bright idea to take some wine classes. The first class I signed up for was Wine 101 with Napa Valley Academy. The more I immersed myself in learning about wine overall, my interest increased and it wasn’t long before I decided to make my “hobby” of wine blogging to the classroom, which meant getting a certification.
I remember the nervousness while enrolling in the WSET Level Online Course via the Napa Valley Academy. I questioned my sanity at the timing because we were house hunting at the time and I was also writing my second book. I put a lot of pressure on myself to not only succeed in my personal endeavors but to become a first-time homeowner at the age of 42.
To God be the glory. It felt so good to pass the WSET Level 1 Exam, write/publish a short story on Amazon and become a homeowner. When it comes to the WSET certification, I did it because I wanted to learn more, it was never about having a career in wine or becoming a sommelier. I love wine and while I would love to go through the process of getting my Level 2 Certification, it costs too much. If I had $600 sitting around, I’d consider doing it, but I have other things to invest my money in.

So now you know why I blog about wine. It’s a relaxing way to end my work week and I enjoy it quite a bit.

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