What Are We Drinking: Carlos Serres Rose

Region: Spain

ABV: 13%

Cost: $18

Pair With: grilled fish, alfredo pasta

Color/Appearance: medium salmon

Dry/Sweet/Body: off dry; light bodied

Balance/ Acidity/Finish: balanced in flavor, crisp acidity, tangy finish

Aromas: red fruits and candy

Taste/Description: Carlos Serres is a pioneer from Rioja and created one of the first wineries in Haro. Garnacha grapes are known as “grenache” in France and brings juiciness and body to a wine. Temparanillo contributes aroma, flavor and aging potential. Used in vast majority of red Riojas.

This Rioja Rose is made of 80% Temperanillo and 20% Garnacha grapes. On the nose you get red fruits and candy. On the palate you get crisp tangy flavors of raspberries and cherries. I enjoyed this wine. 91/100

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