Disclaimer: Name of astrologist withheld to not give people unnecessary clicks.

We’ve all heard the saying “nothing parts ways faster than a fool and his money” and it’s true. Even at the ripe age of 43 years old, some of life’s most basic lessons can get tossed to the side in the pursuit of coming to terms with who you are.
This time last year, I contacted a self-proclaimed renowned astrologer who’s name I won’t post because whether bloggers know it or not, when you post names, interest and clicks are generated. The point of this post is to spare self-inflicted embarrassment.
Okay, so back to my story. This time last year I began pondering the direction my life was headed in. I am not exactly in love with the day job and wondered if being a writer was part of my destiny. Now I know how this sounds quite “drama-ish” but in my defense, contrary to what some may believe, astrology has a lot to do with who we are as human beings. I’m not talking about your news column, pie in the sky horoscope pages. I am talking about astrology that goes beyond the “baby what’s your sign” mantra.
In my likely mid-life crisis haze, I reached out to this astrologist as they came highly recommended. The first call was $400 for 30 minutes. The anxiety experienced upon the first phone call likely should have been my first clue but I chalked it up to anticipation. I deliberately didn’t tell them anything about me as I felt if they looked at my chart and was a true astrologist, they should know why I’m calling them.
The good news is The Astrologist in question read my chart pretty well and since I love to research, I took notes and listened to see how much resonated with me. I am happy to share quite a bit resonated with me, so much to the point, I realized I could continue learning about myself on my own. It was never my intent to go beyond the initial reading. But I did.
I spent $600 on webinars and a “coaching” session. Your humble writer is a nerd folks. Once my interest takes hold in a subject I’ve always wanted to know more about, I am like a sponge soaking all the knowledge I can. Guess who else knew about my interest in astrology and heightened intuition? Yea, The Astrologist. It wasn’t long before I received an email stating how gifted I was and could be an astrologist with the proper training, but in order to unlock the keys to my gifted self, it would cost me well over $4000.
*Insert record scratch*
Let me tell you something, I am not a rich woman and if you are going to ask me for over $4000, you damn sure better have your shit together. Every single prediction you have made better come to past in spades and there should be some kind of money back guarantee attached to it if you don’t.
I am sure The Astrologist may have thought I would just use my credit card for this venture. I kindly declined via email. To be honest, looking at what I know now about astrology and my birth chart, I feel some kind of way about spending $1000 on something I could have spent $200. I take complete blame but this isn’t where the story ends, so tune in to Part 2 of a Fool and Her Money. Trust me, you will want to read the conclusion.
Till next time readers 😊

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