Why hello there, you’re back to read how A Fool and Her Money concludes aren’t you? If you haven’t read Part 1, you can read it here.

We ended Part 1 with me declining The Astrologist offer to unlock the keys to my hidden potential for $4000 via email. Well, of course they accepted my decline and my intention was never to hear about it again but of course that’s not what happened. 

As I continued my independent astrology studies, I made the mistake of emailing The Astrologist with a question. While they answered my question, 24 hours later, I get an email telling me about this program to help unlock my potential. Pretty sure we did this already.
Here comes the plot twist.

The Astrologist decides to set up a video conference with me because there was an offer they wanted to propose. What was the offer you ask? A payment plan. You read correctly readers, a payment plan to the tune of $1000 for four months. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who scoffed at the price of being enlightened. 

There was someone else who The Astrologist claimed was “crying broke” and was somehow convinced to do a payment plan. They went so far as to offer me her contact information. I guess this was supposed to sell me but unless this person was going to give me $4000, there was nothing to discuss.

My intuition said I didn’t need to pay that kind of money so I declined and while The Astrologist may have thought I would call them again, they thought wrong and should know why they will never hear from me again. I hold no ill will towards them. In their mind, they may have done nothing wrong and just considered this simply business.

In the interest of transparency, I will share something important with you my dear readers. I have a habit of reading people and sometimes it’s unintentional. But like most people, trusting my gut instinct is something that has come with age. Some people are amazed at how well I can read people. They’re even more amazed when the flaws I see come to light. This skill has served me well. Here’s why.

Up until this ridiculous request, I have never conversed with The Astrologist face to face. All contact was via phone and webinars. I’ll never forget their face. As they talked, something felt off to me, their appearance just made me feel well, not comfortable. It wasn’t the way they were dressed. It was because I saw (and sensed) a dark aura around this person. Shit gave me the creeps to be quite honest. Something is off with their partner too but I digress.  

I wondered why this astrologist (and a few others) was so convinced I had gifts to share with the world and it didn’t take me long to find the answer. The answer was in my face the entire time. My Midheaven is in Virgo, I have an 8th house moon in Gemini, and my Ascendant (Rising) Sign is in Scorpio which also holds part both 12th and 1st Houses. There’s also planetary placements and aspects in these houses which are good and some inherently not so good. As a matter of fact, I have a couple placements no one would want because it exposes me to mental angst.

Psychologists have used astrology to help their clients and from what I’ve read it works. Studying my own chart answered so many questions I’ve had about myself.

You should know the program The Astrologist tried to sell me on is basically manifestation. I know this because I am reading a book similar to what they are promising their potential “students”. How much did this book cost me? $3.99, with my Kindle Unlimited Membership.

Nothing parts way faster than a fool and their money and I hope this post saves someone their money.

I want you to learn from my mistake. Never put more trust into a person more than you do yourself. My growing knowledge in astrology came from taking an astrology course, reading reputable books and most of all experience. Yes, I do have some experiences that I’d love to share with you but telling you all of these things would make this post much longer than I’d like. I’d summarize it by saying I’ve seen my own death (I’m almost certain it will be water related) and attended the funeral of someone I didn’t know six months before they died. If you felt weird reading that, imagine dreaming these things and watching it happen in real time. Do I consider myself a psychic? Hell no. Intuitive skills? Yes, and my hope is to get better at this skill because I want to help others. 

Right now, you likely think I’m weirdo and you’re probably right but what I am not is a fool. 

Until next time readers.

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