What Are We Drinking: Prototype Zinfandel Lodi 2018

Region: California

ABV: 14.5%

Cost: $10

Pair With: hard cheeses, meals featuring white meats

Color/Appearance: pale ruby

Aromas: red and black fruits and mocha

Taste /Description: This is my first time trying a non-white Zinfandel but first can we talk about this kick ass bottle as it was the first thing I noticed as I cruised the aisles of Total Wine and More looking for some different wines to try. Enough about the look of the bottle, let’s talk about the taste shall we. First off, the very first thing I noticed about this wine is it’s BOLD in flavor. Fruit notes of blackberry, raspberry with hints of mocha and cinnamon. If you’ve never tried a red Zinfandel before you should. Sip mindfully though because this wine has a 14.5% ABV so please drink your water in between glasses. A very good wine. 5 out of 5 stars

5 responses to “Prototype Zinfandel Lodi 2018”

  1. I am falling in love with this Zin. I just latched on a bottle of the ’18 and now have four or five of the ’21s. My daughter is a Zin fan.

    1. It took me a long time to try Zinfandel but I’m so glad I did. Turns out it’s one of my favorite wine varietals 🍷

    1. It was the best Zinfandel I’ve tried to date.

      1. 👍👍Moscato is a good one too but some say that it is too sweet.😎

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