What Are We Drinking: Invino Pinot Noir

Region: Italy

ABV: 12%

Cost: $10

Pair With: duck, chicken or pork

Color/Appearance: Pale ruby in color

Aromas: spice, oak and berries

Taste /Description: I have tried many Pinot Noirs in my drinking travels and I am not sure if it was because this wine is vegan or not but I didn’t find this wine enjoyable on first sip. On the nose, the aromas of berries, spice and oak were welcoming. On the palate, this Pinot Noir while the taste of red berries and clove were present, the tannins in this wine outshined the fruit, similar to black tea. From what I’ve read being this is an wine from Italy, the taste is normal. Maybe I haven’t tried enough wines from Italy, but I didn’t find this wine enjoyable. If you’re into Italian wines, go grab a bottle and tell me what you think.

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