What Are We Drinking: Sonoma Cutrer Rose 2018

Region: Sonoma County, California

ABV: 11.9%

Cost: $23.99

Pair With: Thai food (medium spice), seafood

Color/Appearance: Pale Salmon

Dry/Sweet/Body: dry, light mouth feel

Balance/ Acidity/Finish: Balanced in flavor; bright acidity; long finish

Aromas: strawberry, red cherry, citrus

Taste/Description: Pinot Noir based Rose. Raspberry, citrus. Bright in taste. Almost invisible on the tongue. Okay so I know you noticed the price on this is outside what I normal review. I saw this wine and bought it on a whim. I am so glad I did. I enjoyed this Rose a whole lot. It was indeed worth the price. Could we see more over $15 wine reviews, well, maybe.

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