For years I have watched small businesses come from a simple vision to fruition and decided now is a good time to follow my dreams. At 44.
I love writing and have established an audience with my wine blog and written a couple books, and while following my writing pursuits has been great, there was something else I discovered about myself in the last 6 months. I love working with herbs and use them on myself daily. Whether it’s rituals, meditating or taking a long bath on a lazy Sunday, aromatherapy plays a big role of my life.

What did I discover? My face lights up when working with herbs and crystals. My office is the place of Zen. I am always happy when I’m creating and since I am huge on herbal remedies vs chemical; I created a line of herbal and essential oil products.

I am a research junkie and have been studying herbs and crystals for at least 6 years. This skill has served me immensely, as I have had to a lot of research into starting my small business. I am clocking insane YouTube watching hours because it has been a treasure trove of information. Selling actual items vs writing posts and books is an entirely different world.
Selling items means extensive research into the materials I need, shipping materials, how to package items, where to sell said items and a lot more. I love learning and while some get overwhelmed with information; I take it all in stride. And to make matters better, I’ve learned the basics of candle making and sell candles. Is this a midlife crisis? Not at all.

I wish they taught my generation how to be entrepreneurs in school. Growing up, they taught us to get a college degree and a Fortune 500 job. This was supposedly the road to happiness. Well, my elders were wrong and after working 25 plus years in an industry I am not exactly fond of, I realized entrepreneurship is the route for me. Better late than never, right?
So behold the project SevenSix Apothecary, you can check out some of the products here.

Everything on my site is created by yours truly. Due to the candle wax I fell in love with being out of stock, I can’t list the candles I have. Not to worry, I picked a back up wax to work with and after 6 test runs, could be getting closer to success.
This week I’ve created foot soaks and linen sprays recipes to add. Look for those to be listed in the coming weeks.
Someone asked me would the wine reviews continue, and I looked at them as if they had three heads. Um, of course I will continue to do wine reviews. How else would I get through the “fun” stress of starting my business at 44?

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