What Are We Drinking: Sous La Mer Rose 2019

Region: France

ABV: 12%

Cost: $14

Pair With: seafood or pasta alfredo

Color/Appearance: Pale salmon

Dry/Sweet/Body: off dry; light bodied

Balance/ Acidity/Finish: balanced in flavor, bright acidity and crisp, fruity finish

Aromas: nectarines, red fruit

Taste/Description: Cinsault is a grown in Southern France and in Rhone. Mostly used in blends where it can add spiciness, floral and red fruit taste. The make up of this wine is 60% Grenache and 40% Cinsault. I expected this wine to be drier due to its pale color but was pleasantly surprised by the fresh nectarine taste at the initial taste followed by a raspberry finish.

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