What Are We Drinking: Stone and Glass Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Region: California, USA

ABV: 12%

Cost: $15.99

Color/Appearance: medium yellow

Dry/Sweet/Body: off dry and light bodied

Balance/ Acidity/Finish: crisp acidity with a crisp, long finish

Aromas: grapefruit, white peach and honeydew

Taste/Description: This Sauvignon Blanc was a pleasant experience with its crisp green apple, sweet white peach and crisp citrus notes. A great drink for the hot long days of Floridian summer. Enjoy this chilled with a meal or alone with friends. Pair with salty cheeses, seafood or white meats

3 responses to “Stone and Glass Sauvignon Blanc 2019”

  1. My family loves this one. For Summer, I am enjoying the blush flavors. 🎼♥️

    1. I love Rosé during the summer as well. Cheers🥂

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