February is a time when people turn their attention to all things love so I figured this would be a good time to talk about how I created my LOVE Candle. While other candlemakers use crystals and botanicals in their candles and are beautiful aesthetically, I feel mine are different because they are formulated due to my metaphysical, aromatherapy, and astrology knowledge. Having a pretty candle is nice but when you are focused on your intentions, it helps to have the right crystal, botanical, and fragrance oil combination.

When I created my LOVE Candle, I wanted to not only use the traditional dried rosebuds but also place crushed rose quartz in a nice vessel and get creative with the labeling. The fragrance oil is rose with notes of citrus. I am proud of how these came out and you can purchase one here for $15.

Roses aren’t just a floral gift to share, they also have metaphysical properties of Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love Divination, Luck, and Protection.

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