What are intention candles? Well, as the name implies, they are candles designed for intent. The most common intents are prosperity, love/healing, protection and cleansing. They are not designed for channeling spirits as some would like to think. Intentions, like us, are based in energy. Positive energy reaps positive results while negative energy not so much.

I created a line of intention candles because before I made them for sell, I would buy them from metaphysical shops and websites. Once I learned how to make candles, I decided I could make my own and share them with the public. Each intention candle is designed with the corresponding fragrance oil, crystals and botanicals it represents.

Love: Rose Quartz and Rose
Prosperity: Green Aventurine and Jasmine
Protection: Black Tourmaline and Frankincense
Cleanse: Clear Quartz and White Sage Leaves

With all the chaos and static in the world today, we can all appreciate some good healing vibes and cleansing of our spaces. You can purchase my intention candles here. I have 4oz candles on sale thru March 12, 2022 for $7.77.

Hope you enjoy 😊

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