The days of praying I don’t break my glass pieces are over. I found a product that will not break and will keep my ice water cold for no less than 7 hours.


Meet your new best friend The Chill Pipe. The Chill Pipe is made with food grade stainless steel and double wall insulated with a ceramic interior which keeps your ice water cold for hours. It’s also very easy to assemble as it’s only two pieces. The down stem is made of aluminum so the only thing that you can break on this bad girl is literally the glass bowl I know you have ready to smoke out of.  But you don’t have to use your glass bowl, The Chill Pipe makes bowls for these pieces as well.

The Chill Pipe is easy to assemble which makes it light years ahead of its glass competitors because you can add accessories and neck pieces with ease, plus it’s easy to clean, all you need is hot water and isopropyl alcohol.


Do not use any cleaning agents or salt in your Chill Pipe. Manufacturer instructions state doing so will ruin your piece.


Now for what you really want to know, the cost. The Chill Pipe comes in two pieces and the starting price for a whole unit is $140. You can mix and match your base/neckpieces, or you can choose a solid color. I chose to mix and match my piece and now have a total of three neckpieces.


I reach for this piece for all my smoke sessions without the “what ifs” and the function on it is lovely. I prefer cold hits vs warm, so this girl is going to get a lot of use.


Now head on over to The Chill Pipe Website and get your own.


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