When I first started writing my blog, it never occurred to me I could monetize it. 

I love writing and creating, so this is what my retirement will be spent doing. I am also in the process of finishing a novelette so I can start the grueling part of editing no author likes to do but we know we must if we want to sell mass copies of our books.

My affiliate links are Amazon based because no matter how much we may loathe things about Amazon, their popularity is here to stay. 

So that’s the story behind my affiliate links. Shopping at Amazon via my affiliate links keeps my writing going and will aid in me continuing to improve on my body of works. 

Now of course I won’t make a request without giving something to my audience in return so I will be posting herbal recipes and articles 2-3 times a week versus the once-a-week schedule.

I am excited about the activity this blog has seen and it is encouraging me to produce more content and seek other platforms to post tutorials. These things can’t happen without your participation, and I thank each of you for reading.

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    cool blog 🙂 will give it a follow and a like !

    1. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time 🙏🏽

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