I spend a lot of time reading as an introvert does and came across a person who paid over $500 to repair their chakras. If you’re into energy work or a healer of any kind, you know this is too much, even if you’re charging that in your practice, you know it’s too much. 

I hate seeing this because I know a lot of these healers, astrologists and mediums know better. Some of them are merely ambulance chasers as in chasing the next big headline and I don’t have to tell you about the times we live in. 

Current times have people questioning their sanity, religious beliefs and everything in between and let me tell you something, there is a pocket of gifted healers who know it and they are capitalizing on it in a manner that is so cringe. It is and while I am not in the business of telling others how to run their business, spiritually, I think it’s just wrong.

How do you listen to people pour their heart out to you, tell you funds are limited only for you to tell them you’d love to help them but will need $500 plus to help them spiritually? I am not a millionaire, and I don’t charge a dime for my knowledge. Why? Because I’ve been there and was almost taken advantage of. Luckily, I was born with an 8th House Gemini Moon which gives me heightened intuition. 

I implore you to be careful of who you let into your aura and ask for references before you spend your hard-earned money to see a medium or energy worker. While there are some genuine people out here, there is far too many that mean you no good.

If you’re paying $1000 and up for spiritual and “Total Power and Dominion” classes, you’re being cheated and I have no problem telling you this. The people charging these prices know you are at the end of your rope and want answers yesterday, so they charge you fees that equal to mortgage and car payments in hopes you don’t notice or research.

I’m tired of seeing it so I am posting this tutorial on how to heal your chakras yourself while paying very a mere fraction of what your favorite medium, tarot card reader, and energy worker would charge. 

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and don’t charge a dime. I’m going to put a donate button my site and if you feel like donating you can and if you can’t that’s okay, your peace is the goal and the more people we have at peace, the better for the collective.

Below is a reference tool for healing your chakras. It lists the location of the chakra, herbs, and crystals you use to repair those chakras. 

If an energy worker says the words “chakras broken”, they are lying, your chakras heal over time, and you can work on all of them yourself for less than $50 per chakra. 

Root Chakra

Location: your pelvis

Herb: myrhh, sandalwood, patchouli

Crystal: ruby, garnet, black tourmaline, bloodstone, hematite, obsidian, onyx, red jasper, lodestone, smoky quartz, fire agate

Sacral Plexus Chakra

Location: two inches below navel

Herb: Ylang Ylang, lemon, patchouli, rosewood, sandalwood)

Crystals: carnelian, amber, moonstone, coral, orange tourmaline, sunstone

Solar Plexus 

Location: below navel

Herb: rosemary, lemon, rose, Roman chamomile, rosewood

Crystals: yellow citrine, amber, yellow topaz, yellow tiger’s eye, yellow agate, rutilated quartz

Heart Chakra

Location: center of chest

Herbs: rose, geranium, bergamot, lavender, lemon, ylang ylang

Crystals: rose quartz, green tourmaline, jade, green calcite, green kyanite, peridot

Throat Chakra

Location: front of neck

Herbs: lavender, rosemary, frankincense, German chamomile, hyssop

Crystals: turquoise, blue kyanite, aquamarine, celestite, sodalite, Lapis Lazuli

Third Eye Chakra

Location: between eyebrows

Herbs: lavender, frankincense, sandalwood

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, amethyst, fluorite, lepidolite, tanzanite, clear quartz, kyanite

I’m an Amazon affiliate so of course I got links for everything you need but I’m also going to do something some wouldn’t and tell you to also shop on Etsy, eBay or your local metaphysical shop for your crystals and oils.

This seller has a variety of crystals which you can use to keep your chakras aligned. 

You can do a search on Amazon for the herbs listed and purchase them there, Etsy, or wherever herbal plants and essential oils are sold.

When I write about these subjects, I am fully transparent because I take spiritual peace seriously.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at diwrites@outlook.com. I check my email daily and will answer any questions free of charge.

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